This is a beautiful space with **such** good energy. Dana is generous, warm, and truly wants to share the Yoga. The floors are sensational, and while practicing I was able to get into my shoulders deeply- all of my transitions felt different, because of where I was in my heart, and also I think that polished wood had the perfect amount of bounce (at home I’m practicing on a mat + concrete). So grateful!

Amy Shipley

I enjoyed my first class here this morning – beginners yoga with Dana. Officially in love with the earthy ambiance of the studio, the light-heartedness of instruction, and all the other things Good Karma offers to the community. One example is their Process Coaching workshop this evening. What a gem to discover. Grateful heart. Definitely returning.

Marlaine Cover

Thank you for the class today I’m the kind of person who needs a class format to do my exercise, I don’t do it well on my own. I like the feeling of community doing the class online together plus it’s gets me off my lazy ass to get it done. Thanks again. Wishing you the best.

Andy Thomson

Once you try it you’ll be hooked! There are a variety of classes and private sessions available, in a convenient, beautiful location right downtown. Contact Dana and get started!

Sabrina Julian

Today’s class was awesome. I was a little uncertain about taking this class because I haven’t practiced yoga for sometime as my husband is very ill . He encouraged me to sign up and I’m so glad I did. I loved the part about composting an emotion. I’m so angry right now about the way the virus has impacted so many people, people out of work, people hungry. I was able to let go of some of this anger through today’s practice. … I look forward to more classes. Thank you for an amazing class. Namaste.

Carole Swan

I have been pleasantly surprised how quickly I adapted to taking yoga classes through zoom. I thought that it might feel like any yoga class you can do online. What I found was –the feeling of connection to community that I felt in before, is still present in this new and different arena of zoom. The comradery of being present with people you know and even people you haven’t met before, is still there. Even when I do the recorded classes later, I still feel connected to my teachers. And when this is all over, and we are all back in class together, we’ll be so much more the grateful for handshakes and hugs, and most of all, namastes. Thank you Dana, Alex and Colleen for nurturing those connections that we are craving so much more now that we have limited physical proximity to our fellow yogis. 

Cara Mello

My take away was just how powerful it is to collectively be moving and breathing with folks, even when we’re not in the same room. it is amazing. Thank you for the work you do in the world and in my heart,

Kimberly Trent

This is a wonderful studio with amazing teachers. It is always one of the highlights of my visits to the area to take classes here. Every time, I leave feeling great. I wish I could take the studio home with me.

Kate Keating Bowles Harding

Thank you so much for braving this new online territory! I love seeing my yoga community and I relish the wisdom of my instructors (re: what did I love about the session), but as a privacy FREAK, I suspect I will take future classes without the video option on on my end, although I fear that that will make a colder experience from your end to not see our faces. Thank you thank you thank you!


I loved all of it. Loved the space of taking in and feeling emotion , feeling the heart and loved the education parts that you shared as well. I absolutely adore Dana and her teaching style and I feel the same way about you Alex, so thank you❤️


I just loved the fact that I could join in from afar! I always miss your classes. Everything technically worked for us, no lagging or glitches. We had the presenter mode with the small gallery on the side so we could see ourselves and three other participants. That worked really well. Honestly I only have good feedback! This was David’s first class with you and he said the neck release at the end was a game-changer. He loved it. I always do that one when I’m sitting in class and feel tension in my neck and/or wrist. So lovely seeing you today, I’ll definitely try to join in again!

Brittany Kleinschnitz
Good Karma Studio Online